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As you many know, I travel very often to Paris visiting my special person. But, unfortunately I did not have the occasion yet this year to visit my favorite city ever. As a result, I have that feeling of missing something important for me. These pictures reminds me how happy I am in the city of lights for its brightness and its charming. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The last two pictures are from Madrid Rio last Sunday at Madrid.

The rest of the pictures from trend land

how to draw in a map

Creative is a field without limits. I love how people do with simple stuff, just art pieces. This is the example I want to talk to you about today, i am speaking of the drawing on a map the route of runners in many different cities of America.

Look into more information on Flowing Data. 

Working out has never been so stylish!











Bottega Veneta Fall 14
















Bottega Veneta is a really amazing collection full of textures, colors and minimal prints. Tomas Maier knows how to play the perfect cut and pattern-making. I was missing from the last seasons that pleated silk dresses that make dream the customer’s of the Italian luxury brand. Especially, on my opinion, we think enjoy and taste this collection in a full meaning.

When I used to wear a fringe

I am not a super fanatic of how I look when I have to wear a fringe. But, sometimes, it is also nice to have a new look in mind and to make it true. So, do not worry these pictures are not from nowadays, actually I think it would be difficult for me to come back to that Jane Birkin look.

My friend photographer Eva Maria Gonzalez took these photos just after my returning from Norway almost 2 years ago now. The good stuff is that I did not change so much.

preetandpoor by eva maria gonzalez fotografia 01 (Copiar) 02 (Copiar)

03 (Copiar)

04 (Copiar)

The Selby and Airbnb

This is not the first time I am writing about The Selby. But, this a special occasion because he had collaborated with one of my favorites websites when I am so boring. I love imaging how it could be live in any place around the world. If you enter in Airbnb at least, you can imagine for a chance how it could be that feeling. Airbnb is a website specialized on establish the link between people who rent their house for many days and when you are traveling in a low cost way, this option it makes a perfect connection between both parts.

In their head office they had the great idea in May 2013 to invite him to different houses in London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Los Angeles. This is the great result.





2013SelbyAirbnb_000391-248x165 2013SelbyAirbnb_000451-248x566 2013SelbyAirbnb_000481-248x165







Ludovic Zuili Interview

ludovic zuili

I do not really know i met the work of Ludovic Zulli, but what I remember for sure is the capability of he and his work to catch my attention and as a result to deserved being the first post of Preetandpoor for 2014. Zuili’s photography are compound by a set of pictures where you would like to take part in. His way to take analogic pictures brings a kind of charming that helps you to be in a magical Shanghai, Seoul, New York, Morocco and many other places where, this young and prominent french photographer based in Paris, had been. Just take a look of his website to know what i am talking about.

Ludovic Zuili has a very inspirational friends that helps him to develop and to enhance his work everyday coming up with new projects and ideas.

Don’t miss out this interview of the Parisian director because it is really interesting to discover how an artist works.


1. When did you discover your interested on photography?

I came to photography through cinema and my friend Simon. When I was a teenager, I wanted to become a director (which I haven’t forgotten!) and my studies led me to learn the job of director of photography, with a lot of photography classes. At the same time, Simon, my co-director friend, taught me how to develop films in his garage.

ludovic zuili preetandpoor

2. Where do you find your inspiration for?

It’s really « cliché » I guess but everything inspires me. I think that why I started my blog ARAW! (A roll a week – on which I post a roll of film every week. I wanted to be really aware of what’s happening around me, and having to shoot a roll every week is a good way to get there.

Music often also is the origin of a project or an idea that I’ll have. Some tunes put me in a very creative mood that can last for long.

ludovic zuili coney island preetandpoor

3. In which aspect of photography do you feel more comfortable with your personality? Fashion, landscapes, self-portraits..?

I wouldn’t think about it this way. I’ve forced myself for now not to do anything I don’t want feel like doing in photography. I always try to have fun shooting photos (which I don’t have the luxury to do in videos, one’s gotta earn a living…) would it be fashion, landscapes, personal moments from my life.

I have as much fun working on personal series created for exhibitions, on which I’m free, I can do whatever I feel like doing, I can do it on my own as working on fashion shoots where you have to deal with many different personalities, have given objectives and yet try to make pictures you’d be proud of.

ludovic zuili jacquemus preetandpoor

4. You are very familiar with anagogic photography, which are your fetiches cameras? How many cameras can you use for a shooting for example?

The camera I love the most shooting with (the one I call « my baby ») is the Mamiya 7. Legendary medium format camera, it’s very easy to travel with it. The render is amazing.

The other camera I love is the Olympus MJU II. It’s my everyday camera, I always try to have it with me. Quality is really good thanks to the very sensitive lens.

Last but not least, I’m also using a Canonet 28, it’s a small Canon film camera. The render is as good as the camera looks cute !

When I’m travelling I usually have those three cameras with me. On shooting it’s different, if I have someone helping me I can have 3 to 4 cameras (I also use a Canon 5). If I’m shooting by myself 2 cameras would be enough to have to think about.

ludovic zuili paris preetandpoor

5. Which is your collaboration that you are more proud of?

I guess I’m glad I had the chance to work with the Purple Magazine team. They’ve taught me a lot, I’ve really loved working with Olivier Zahm. He’s a real inspiration for me, not for the pictures he shoots (I like them but that’s not where I want to go as a photographer) but for all the creative process, references he puts in his photos and the way he works on his concepts. I love that there’s always a story behind all of his shoots, would it be the location, the character and so on. Nothing is free unlike what everyone thinks about Purple and Olivier.

ludovic zuili preetandpoor

6. With who would you like to work?

Every photographer in the next question!

7. Which are your favorites photographers?

I love the work of Gregory Crewdson, Stephen Shore, Vivianne Sassen, Erwin Olaf, Ryan McGinley, Olivier Zahm, Jurgen Teller and so many others…

8. What is your main goal in relation with your profession?

I want to reach a point where I wake up every day and all the projects I work on are projects I chose, and I’m having fun doing them… It’s probably a dream, probably impossible to get it for anyone, I guess, but that’s what I’m seeking.

ludovic zuili preetandpoor

Premios T de Telva 2013

First of all, I would like to apologize for posting this great dinner and awards so late. But, oh, Christmas, you have took my whole time and wordpress memory problems as not help too much.

Nevertheless, I really had enjoyed this party with all the beautiful men/women that you are going to see just bellow. The designer Riccardo Tisci and her muse Isabelli Fontana; the 4 previous managers of Telva giving to the Awards an emotive feeling; Álvaro Castejón y Arnaud Millard the duo of Alvarno won the prize as best national designers, the princess Tatiana de Grecia, Pedro J. Ramírez, manager of spanish newspaper, El Mundo and many others personalities of spanish society.










All the pictures were took by me